Your Superpower is Your Authenticity

She sat at her desk, staring at an inbox filled with over 182 emails after one day out of the office. The sun shone through the window and the multi-colored leaves on the trees swayed back and forth in the wind.

 As she took a sip of her second cup of coffee that morning, she looked at her calendar to verify the day’s meetings. Then, started typing away.  By noon, she’d already led 2 meetings, cleared out her inbox, paid the bills, talked to the school nurse about her son’s tummy ache, and created a flyer for next week’s PTA meeting.

Superwoman, I tell ya.

 We all know this woman. The I-don’t-know-how-she-does-it person who makes us feel totally inferior to her superhero ways.

 Maybe you are this woman. If so, I applaud you. 👏

Maybe you’re the complete opposite of her. If so, I applaud you. 👏

You see, we are ALL superheroes in our own unique way. If the world was filled with just one kind of person, it’d be a miserable existence. As leaders, we each have unique contributions to bring to the table that make us extremely valuable to others.

Maybe you’re a hustler and multi-tasker. Or an internal processor that drops wisdom every time you share an idea. Perhaps you’re constantly inventing new ways of doing things. Or you get invigorated after connecting with a friend over coffee. Whatever instinctual personality traits you have—embrace it!

 It’s what makes you, you. And it’s your secret weapon to setting yourself apart in your business.

 Too many people in this world are trying to be something they’re not (just scroll through the gram!) They try to be the person they *think* they need to be to succeed at what they do. And then they wonder why it’s so difficult, why they’re not connecting with their audience, and why something that should be invigorating and exciting is so draining and exhausting.

It’s time to free yourself from this burden to be someone you’re not. And start to lean into exactly who you are. 

Remember, your superpower is your authenticity. And it’s the very thing that will help you create a magnetic, profitable brand that attracts, inspires, and empowers. So decide your vibe. And show the world what you’re made of!

Superheroes, unite.


June 23, 2021