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At The Brand Vibe, we’re on a mission to empower thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and brands to create sustainable, scalable businesses.

Our secret sauce? We help you to market, launch, and scale the business of your dreams by leveraging your greatest asset—the x-factor—your personal brand . . . all through an impact-focused approach that’s built around the lifestyle you want to lead. 


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So grab a coffee, some tea (or whatever you're into these days), and let's work, work, work, work, work.


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Are you the Optimistic Visionary or maybe the Curious Creative? Find out your brand personality and learn how to own your vibe to attract your dream tribe. 


After 15 years as a corporate executive running multi-million dollar marketing and brand campaigns, I now help entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and small business owners, like you, ready to chase your passion, market your genius, and elevate your business. 

Nicole Nieves

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Call us your in-house marketing team, call us your boutique creative agency, or call us for a coffee chat—I'll be there for you.

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How do I know that working with Nicole was the BEST business move I could have ever made? In the last 18 months I have built a rock solid business structure, launched multiple successful new offers, tripled my monthly revenue, booked out my spots month after month, and just recently crossed the threshold of a 10K cash revenue month!

I credit Nicole's guidance and expertise for a large majority of my business success. She has enabled me to scale in a way that felt authentic to me, while providing a financial peace for my family that I never dreamed possible. I know what's good for me (and my business) so I plan to stay very close, keep investing and keep learning as much as I possibly can from Nicole!

- Chelsea

PRODUCTIVITY COACH + Business Consultant

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Working with Nicole at The Brand Vibe has completed transformed my business in ways that I never even imagined! Nicole has helped me pivot my entire business infrastructure from serving corporate clients to serving entrepreneurs in the online business space including creating my profitable offer suite to marketing to launching and everything in between!

Since starting to work with Nicole, I’ve hit tons of major business milestones including hitting six figures in revenue in under 7 months and quitting my 9-5 job to go in on my design studio full time. She’s an incredibly strategic business coach and always goes the extra mile to make sure I’m supported with resources, guidance, and structure to execute my business growth plan!

I couldn’t ask for a better mentor and there’s no one else I recommend more!

- Emily

CEO of e&m creative

What Our Clients Are Saying...

We worked with Nicole inside her Launch Vibes Lab program. It was so incredibly helpful to have that step-by-step guide with weekly checkins and Nicole’s coaching along the way. She took us from not really knowing where to start in our launch planning to hand holding us through the whole process so we could feel confident about how we were going to serve our audience and what we were providing.

It can feel so overwhelming when you’re thinking about launching a course—all the components, all of the different layers!—but to have someone there guiding you, telling you ‘I’ll be there for you, I’m here to answer your questions’ was so invaluable and absolutely worth the investment.

We even hired Nicole and The Brand Vibe Creative Agency to help us elevate our brand look + vibe. We absolutely love working with The Brand Vibe!

- Mary + Jill


What Our Clients Are Saying...

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