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Oh hello 👋🏽 It's your FEARLESS LEADER, nicole.

here to help you build an aligned + ambitious business around your life...

After spending 15 years in corporate, leading teams of 40+ and managing multi-million dollar launch campaigns as Director of Marketing, I'm bringing my professionalism X passion into the online space to help leaders, like you, chase after what you love.

In less than 2 years, I've INTENTIONALLY scaled my business from ground zero to $500k+ and growing—during COVID AND while momming three boys!

My secret? I dream big and surround myself with powerhouse people who challenge me to be better + catch me when I fall.

We all need community, short-cuts, education... So come join the fun, and be a part of The Vibe Edit and let's impact the world–one brand at a time.

Your Chief Vibes Officer,

(not the other way around!)