“How Are You, Really?” Building a lifestyle brand with Jenna Kutcher


Ever find yourself instinctively answering, “Fine, thanks…” to the age-old question: How are you? Today’s guest on The Brand Vibe podcast is the one and only Jenna Kutcher of #1 marketing podcast, Goal Digger Podcast!

Her new book, “How Are You, Really?” adds an honest perspective on living your truth one answer at a time.  In this episode, we talk about how building brands around our lifestyle has helped so many entrepreneurs avoid burnout, how to let your vision guide your future, and of course, book launch secrets that helped her become a New York Times Best Selling Author!

You can order a copy of her book HERE.

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August 25, 2022

Jenna Kutcher New York Times Best Selling Author of How Are You, Really?