12 Secrets to Successfully Balance Being a Business Owner + Mom



“How Do You Do It All?” If I had a dollar for each time someone asked me that, I’d retire a happy camper. As a mom to 3 boys, Latina founder for my creative marketing agency (The Brand Vibe), CEO leading a mixed team of six (full-time, part-time, and contractors), a coach/consultant/educator, wife, daughter, sister (I’m getting tired just reading this list!) I often get asked:

“How the heck do you do it all?!”

Well, the answer might surprise you! In this episode, I rapid-fire 12 of my best secrets + hacks that help me do what I do best each day. You CAN do it all… trust the pro.


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March 24, 2022

Succesfully balance being a Buisness owner + Mom | The Brand Vibe