My 14-Year-Old Son Pinned with Knee by “Off-Duty” Chicago Police Sergeant *Special Episode*


On July 1st, 2022, my son was attacked and pinned down by an “off duty” Chicago Police Officer—a Sergeant, to be exact. The allegation? Theft of his son’s bike—even though my son had his own orange bike with him.

As a mom first, CEO second, who teaches clients to build brands that serve their life + use their platforms to create a greater impact, it’s important that I take a moment to use my own platform to share this unjust attack on my innocent, 14-year-old, Puerto Rican son.

Warning: this episode contains audio of the event + may be disturbing to hear… not nearly as disturbing as it was for him to experience it. You’ll hear a mother’s perspective on what it felt like to receive that earth-shattering phone call… and how you can help bring awareness, justice, and accountability to this life-altering experience.

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July 21, 2022

Nieves boy gets pinned down by off-duty Chicago Police Sergeant