Enneagram Launch Quiz

Launching in business is supposed to be FUN!  But if that hasn’t been your MO, you should take my Enneagram Launch Quiz! Because I’ve got the secret sauce for your next launch—and it’s not what you think.

 In my 15 years in sales, branding, and marketing, the most common mistake I see people making is trying “so-and-so’s” exact strategy hoping it will work in your business.

 Spoiler alert: it won’t.

 Because YOU are unique—and there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to running your business. That’s why I created the quiz, “What’s your enneagram launch type?” Click here to take it now!

 And hey, if you’re like, “Sure, I’m a sucker for quizzes but what the heck is an enneagram anyway?!”  keep reading for a quick review.

ICYMI, the Enneagram is a personality typing system that links people’s natural-born tendencies back towards one of nine personality types.

Meaning, how you see the world, your motivation, your influence, your thoughts and behaviors naturally lend itself to one of these 9 types. Some of us are all about parties, contests, and games while others love the personal connection, community, and collaboration.

We are all different humans so why would anyone think that there’s only ONE core strategy to launch that EVERYONE should follow?!

That’s why I created this quiz and tailored NINE different launch strategies to consider based on your Enneagram type. But before we dive in, let’s talk about the non-negotiables of launching. Because while you can dictate HOW you execute these things, you still need to do them to optimize your next launch!


    Non-Negotiable 👉🏽 You have to be seen before you pop out the gate with a new thing
    Negotiable 👊🏽 How you build your audience (freebies, paid offers, coffee chats, DMs, your choice!)

  2. I.MPACT

    Non-Negotiable 👉🏽 Your business, offers, and launches need to be tied to more than making money
    Negotiable 👊🏽 Your intangible impact goals! Want to offer a scholarship seat? Offer 1:1 coaching to X number of people? You do you.


    Non-Negotiable 👉🏽 You need to have A strategy plan in place
    Negotiable 👊🏽 Pick the plan you want, in the time frame you want. But do pick and plan something


    Non-Negotiable 👉🏽 You betta WERK! Don’t think you could sit back with a margarita in hand, and watch the money come in WITHOUT having put in the time and energy beforehand.
    Negotiable 👊🏽 Want to DIY it all yourself? Perfect! Prefer to outsource portions to a specialist? Look at you stepping into your CEO.

  5. S.HOW-UP

    Non-Negotiable 👉🏽 Whoever said “if you build it, they will come” is a liar. YOU are your best marketing asset. So show up during your launch for people and give them a taste of how you’ll be serving them inside your programs.
    Negotiable 👊🏽 Webinars, challenges, lives, oh my! Options are endless here for how you show up; just dont launch and ghost. Stay present, serve with heart, and enjoy the fruits of your labor along the way!

Got it? Good! As far as the STRATEGY, let’s break down NINE different styles, tailored to your Enneagram:


    ✌🏽 THE VIBE: A well-thought out plan w/time to dot your i’s & cross your t’s.
    🤓 THE STRATEGY: Launch an academy-style program that teaches people your topic step-by-step.


    ✌🏽THE VIBE: A collaborative plan that polls your audience on exactly what they’d like.
    🤓 THE STRATEGY: Launch a group style program that unites people together.

  3. Enneagram 3: THE FULL-OUT-LAUNCH

    ✌🏽THE VIBE: A soup-to-nuts plan including a funnel, webinar, upsells, and open/close cart
    🤓 THE STRATEGY: Launch a lower-ticket course to the masses


    ✌🏽THE VIBE: A private launch that speaks directly to the your ideal client.
    🤓THE STRATEGY: Launch a higher-ticket program via one-on-one sales calls

  5. Enneagram 5: THE NON-LAUNCH LAUNCH

    ✌🏽THE VIBE: A well-researched killer offer that focuses on quality over quantity
    🤓THE STRATEGY: An intimate program & personal sales pitch to specific people you have in mind

  6. Enneagram 6: THE ORGANIC LAUNCH

    ✌🏽 THE VIBE: A rally-the-troops plan that showcases your no-brainer offer to your band of loyalists
    🤓 THE STRATEGY: A course using your well-connected network through affiliate marketing

  7. Enneagram 7: THE HYPE LAUNCH

    ✌🏽 THE VIBE: A ‘girls-just-wanna-have-fun’ plan that makes each step of the process a party in a cup!
    🤓THE STRATEGY: A challenge with contests + prizes to build hype and awareness leading into your offer.


    ✌🏽 THE VIBE: A make-it-happen-quickly plan that implements your newest idea in t-minus zero seconds.
    🤓 THE STRATEGY: A 30-day bootcamp group program that you launch via in the email/stories/DMs via a google form.

  9. Enneagram 9: THE EVERGREEN LAUNCH

    ✌🏽THE VIBE: A no-brainer offer everyone will love, available to your people on repeat.
    🤓THE STRATEGY: A membership, mini-course, group program available all year long.

Remember, launching is a vibe.

And feeling totally aligned to how YOU want to launch will help you show up with more energy, strength, and confidence … and excite you enough to launch 2, 3, 4x a year!

And hey, if that freaks you out, know this: you’re not in this alone. Schedule a coffee chat to see how our agency can help you create a supportive, stress-free, sold-out launch!

Now get ready—you’re about to become wildly in demand.


September 22, 2021