An Open Letter to My Fellow CEO’s

If you’re a visionary CEO, like me, you must hear this question all the time: “How do you it all?”

First, I don’t. I have an army of support in my corner from my husband to my mom, my team to my business coach and mastermind group (yes, even coaches need coaches!)

Frankly, I don’t believe anyone should strive to “do it all”. I know from experience how that can lead to burn-out and anxiety, always feeling like you’re dropping the ball or disappointing others. The Brand Vibe is not even a year old yet! And while COVID has surely been a pain in my side as it has yours, there’ve been some great blessings in the storms. One of which? Having the time to build an online business!

But growing rapidly comes with its own set of challenges. Every day I think about how I would do things differently next time. Admittedly, I’m still learning and growing. But dang, wouldn’t it be nice if we gave ourselves grace through the construction process? You can’t build an empire overnight.

So if you’ve been in need of permission to stand in the messy and be dang proud of what you’ve accomplished so far, consider this it. Everyone has a messy middle. EVERYONE.

So to my fellow CEOs, this one’s for you.

Dear CEO,

  1. You don’t have to have it all figured out. Read that again. So many times I get down on myself as I’m in the weeds figuring things out because I falsely believe I “should know this!”. WUT. Who in the world gets promoted to a new position—let alone CEO—with an expectation of ZERO ramp up. How ridiculous. No one has that expectation of you so kick that imposter syndrome to the curb and rest in the fact that literally, EVERYONE has a learning curve in new positions.

  2. You will fail. And that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen. I know, I know. The dreaded “f” word is the exact opposite of what we aim to do as driven entrepreneurs. But the reality is the BEST entrepreneurs in the world had their share of failures—and it’s exactly what propelled them to greatness. I mean, Steve Jobs was fired by his own company after draining millions of dollars with a failed product (Apple 1 and Apple Lisa). Failures are simply opportunities for excellence.

  3. Go at your own pace—one that fits your lifestyle, core values, and overall wellbeing. NOT the pace your neighbor is moving at. Not even the pace you “think” you need to advance into by some arbitrary goal you once set. You built this business to allow for a certain lifestyle, likely one filled NOT just with financial freedom but with time freedom, passion, and impact. The beauty is in the journey, not the destination.

  4. You matter. Your health, overall well-being, your relationships. They all matter more than a paycheck, client deliverable, launch, program. Prioritize yourself. Take time say a prayer, go on a walk, have a glass of wine. Turn off the computer, leave your phone outside your bedroom, literally sign out of social media on Sunday. And focus on filling your cup.

  5. You have exactly what it takes to rise. Stop comparing yourself to “that mogul over there”. Stop believing you are not enough. Stop relying on the “perfect” strategy, program, coach, mentor, course, etc to be the missing link. YOU are the missing link. The quicker you step into your worth, genius, and confidence, the quicker you can serve others authentically and just plain show up. Yes, coaches, programs, courses, strategies help. But they’re not the X factor … you are.

Your fellow CEO and resident CVO (Chief Vibes Officer),



October 6, 2021