Part 2: Let’s Talk Marketing & the Only 3 Things You Need to Grow Your Business as a Digital CEO


This is PART 2 of our series on unveiling the ONLY three strategies you need to grow your business all around—no gatekeeping here!

Today we dive into all things Marketing! The gurus teach you to niche down, be consistent in your marketing and set up bro-marketing sales funnels that create false urgency to sell your services—all things you no longer feel aligned to.

So if you are an expert, thought leader, course creator, consultant, coach, or agency owner trying to build your own brand and business doing what you’re passionate about, STOP doing what the gurus tell you…

And start implementing these three things like clockwork. On part 2, we break down exactly HOW to market your expertise online like a boss.

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February 27, 2023